I have sent Ms. Hawk and Marty Foster at PHH emails offering to pay the difference their records indicate is owed, but they have refused to accept this.  PHH is refusing to discuss any settlement discussions that do not favor PHH 100%, and include a release of PHH from any wrong doing for RESPA or Fair Credit Report Act violations.  

PHH is refusing to discuss accepting any payments that are not in the $6000-$8000 range, despite their own records showing less than $1300 is owed.  

This is the current situation that needs to be worked through and resolved.  This is what immediate help is needed with.  I will add more information in coming days, my last post of this weekend will be supporting evidence.  

Please let me know what questions you have, what information/evidence you would like to see, what I can do to help you to want to help me.  I need help getting the word out - so please comment with what I can do to get you to help accomplish this.