Saturday, February 4, 2012

How they are hurting others

There are a number of articles about PHH in the news.  A simple google search of PHH + Fraud or PHH +Complaints or PHH + lawsuits will give you matches.

If you go to consumer advocate sites and search for PHH you can easily find numerous complaints.  The Better Business Bureau, Rip off Report, etc.

In the supporting evidence blog you will see some information from the NJ Attorney General's office regarding their investigation into PHH, some documents from PHH, their attornies, etc..  This blog contains links to just a handful of articles.

These are just a handful of many, many articles about PHH mistreating their customers, investigations into them, etc.  I don't expect anyone to read all of them, but rather to know that for every one I linked to, there are literally dozens more out there.

As a history, this company has replaced their CEO several times in the last ten years, one of their old CEOs, Terry Edwards, is now with Freddie or Fannie - he was ousted by their share holders.  Their last CEO, Jerry Selitto, left suddenly in January of this year.   Is it normal for a company to go through multiple CEOs in a decade - it isn't abnormal - look at HP, but it certainly merits a closer look.  Their mortgage division has also had several different presidents over the last decade, Terry Edwards, Mark Danahy, Luke Hayden, among others.

There is an old expression - where there is smoke there is fire.  This blog is pointing out some of the smoke.

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